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Along with the New Year comes
New Challenges for Hana 4 Less !!!
(Just as we no longer offer a stop at the winery on our tours, there is something else we can NO LONGER offer)

PLEASE NOTE: We can NO LONGER take you to Oheo Gulch and the Seven Sacred Pools (Unless you book our - HANA BEYOND FLYBACK , HANA BEYOND REVERSE - using your Rental ) You may have a chance to see them from above but we do not have a commercial use permit to drop you off or guide you in the park. That means the Bamboo Forest and the Pipiwai Trail are off limits to us. The reasons are explained in detail with a few options you may want to consider.

For the past 2 years I have been able to drop my people off at the main gate of the national park (7 Pools) and they have been able to walk into the park by paying $5 per person, instead of $20 per vehicle and I allowed them 1 1/2 hours to swim and explore.

As of February 2015, that is no longer the case. The park is starting to limit the amount of tour companies that can enter the park. In order for me to stop at the park and use the facilities I need to have a PUC License, which they are NO LONGER issuing.

Several of the large van companies have also decided not to offer the 7 Pools as a stopping point on their tours for the same reason. There are only 3 out of 12 companies now offering that stop.


HOWEVER . . . If you feel that the 7 Pools is the main reason you were interested in Hana 4 Less, there are 3 OPTIONS you could consider:


If you decide to take the Reverse Tour, your swimming stops would be the following (if available)

  • 200 Ft Wailua Falls (where the other vans don't swim)
  • Hamoa Beach (where the other vans don't stop)
  • Waianapanapa Black Sand Beach

By using your rental car (instead of my SUV) you have the option of visiting the National Park (7 Pools) by leaving me outside and driving in on your own. If you choose to visit the 7 Pools, you would give up the time ALLOWED to swim at Wailua Falls and Hamoa Beach,​ and would only stop there for pictures.
That would give you about 90 minutes to visit the park. 


By choosing the Hana Beyond Flyback Tour, you can visit the National Park (7 Pools) and spend about 3 hours there. Which will give you time to climb the Pipiwai Trail, go through the Bamboo Forest and reach 400 ft Waimoku Falls. Click here to learn more: HANA BEYOND FLYBACK

I just did it recently and it took me about 2 hours to go up and back at a easy pace; but then I didn't stop for pictures or for a swim. That is why I would allow you 3 hours to do everything.



This hike is only for the ADVENTUREOUS TYPE. The trail consist of mud, dirt, rocks, rock steps and tree trunks. You will start at the Ranger Station and climb about 650 ft elevation to reach the large Banyan Tree. Then as you continue your climb, at the half way point you would reach the large Bamboo Forest and bridge. If you continue to climb all the way to the very top you reach 400 ft Waimoku Falls.

You will climb upwards for a mile and a half like a billy goat and by the time you reach the top 400 ft Waimoku Falls, you are going to feel like you just climbed a stair stepper for about an hour.

Is the REWARD worth the climb . . . DEFINITELY !!!
Check out this link for pictures.


Instead of turning around at the flower garden as you would with the Hana and Back Tour, you would continue out to  National Park and you would have 1 hour to explore. 

Or you could choose one of the remaining larger van companies that can still offer that stop.

(However, the large vans only allow you 1 hour at the 7 Pools because of their schedule) If it takes you 15 minutes to get down to the pools and 20 minutes to come back, not counting time for the restroom, HOW MUCH TIME DO YOU HAVE TO SWIM ANYWAY?

I don't believe in RUSHING my guest throughout the day and would rather spend time in other locations. I have received GREAT reviews, since I stopped offering the 7 Pools as a stop. But you must decide what is more important to you and your group.

Thank you for considering Hana 4 Less and have a GREAT DAY !!!